We are a neighborhood-level movement responding to homelessness in a proactive, compassionate, and effective way. 

Upcoming Events

Check our Facebook page for upcoming events. If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please reach out at selahnhc[@]gmail.com

Our Mission

1. Immediately alleviate someone’s pain and suffering

2. Long term, help that person find a home

3. Advocate for services, access centers, and permanent supportive housing in our community


Our Homeless Population


Increase in Homelessness within LA County


Total Number of Homeless Individuals in LA County


Increase in Homeless Children

Download Community Resources

Assisting the Homeless

Resources for those who want to help those experiencing homelessness

Homelessness Resources

Resources for those experiencing homelessness (hot meals, shelters and medical assistance)

Service Center Report

85 possible locations for service centers in our neighborhoods


Days Waiting for a Service Center